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Outside the Lie

We don't belong in this world, but we must walk in it all the time.  Unlike most of those around us we know there is something beyond this "reality."  We work to free a people who don't even know they're enslaved.  Many call the truth we're trying to get out so ridiculous that they won't even give it consideration.

We fight constantly with an enemy that cannot be seen, an enemy who could be virtually anywhere.  Our enemy is capable of influencing and sometimes even taking over those not yet free.  The enemy has abilities and powers that we cannot hope to match on our own, but we continue to fight.  They hide behind a mask of lies and treachery.  Our main weapon in this struggle is a knowledge of the truth that makes us free, the truth able to free those still prisoners.  Secure in this truth we can do that which is humanly impossible; we can overcome.  But when we doubt, we fall. All our knowledge is useless unless we believe enough to act on it.

Although we are free, the world we live in is far less comfortable and simple than that of the prisoners.  The truth is uncomfortable, and has always been so.  The enemy knows his game well, and designed a cage most people are content to stay in, most of them don't even know they're prisoners.  Although we are free, our lives are not our own.  We choose to obey our superiors freely, but the choice is made for life.  The slaves, on the other hand, have no freedom at all.  Even when they don't know it, they are serving their real masters.  Their entire lives they must toil for these tyrants, never even getting a chance to confront them face to face.  Although we serve another, our service is by choice.

We were once prisoners ourselves, and had to be led to freedom by those who went before us.  Many of us were the misfits.  Society didn't want us.  We didn't belong.  Now we form a new society, a society that will accept any who are ready to be free.  We will not be fragmented by divisions of race, class or gender; every one of us is a valuable human being.

We know the prison, we've lived in it ourselves; this is why we fight to free those still trapped.  For their sake, we remain in a hostile world of lies and deceit, a world our enemy controls.  We place ourselves in danger to liberate those who, in many cases, hate us.  We walk among them, on the surface no different at all.

Those who showed us the way to freedom simply offered us a choice.  In the one hand, deep blue and dark as a closed mind, lies the decision to continue our ordinary lives blinded to the real nature of things, to turn our back on this chance forever.  In the other, blood red, freedom and the only way we could ever learn the truth.  The truth we know now is beyond description.  Our best efforts to capture it in words fall short.  You can't be told.  You have to experience it.

When we first left the prison, we were practically babies, unable even to stand on our own, blinded by this new light.  Living in the prison was not a problem, in fact, it's a lot easier.  We learned to live in the real world a little bit at a time, helped along by our new brothers and sisters.

In the world we left, we were bound and controlled by a set of rules.  These rules determined our lives and held us down.  No matter how we tried, we could not get beyond them.  Now that we are free, these rules no longer limit us.  They are in the past now, we are beyond and above them.

Now, we have made our choice.  Even if we wanted to (and we sometimes do), we can't go back.  The truth is inescapable, and permeates our lives completely.  We are no longer the same people who left that prison and the people we are now cannot be imprisoned.  We are free, whether we like it or not.

We follow a leader who sacrificed himself to save us.  Although the enemy killed him and thought they had won, he rose from the dead, unstoppable.  We follow him, and work and wait for the day when we can all be free---the day the party starts at Zion.

Who are we?  We are Christians.
Welcome to the Real World
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